WarWorldz: Rourke of the Radlands

Rourke of the Radlands by Liam Sharp

An early design for Rourke of the Radlands by Liam Sharp


Creators: John Freeman & Liam Sharp

Script: David Hailwood & John Freeman

Art: Bill Storie

A cross time warrior, cast adrift from her own world, a fighter without equal. Aided by her psychometric skills, this is the story of how Rourke came to be at the side of “Miranda Smith”, one of the ancient Keepers and a force for good…

Rourke of the Radlands, created by John Freeman and Liam Sharp, first featured in Marvel UK’s STRIP as a one-off story in Issue Four. Dan Abnett commissioned John and Liam to work on a longform mini series for Marvel UK but the company direction changed before it was ever developed beyond plot stage.

New stories featuring Rourke will appear in 100% Biodegradable, with a representation of “The Wand”, first published in STRIP, appearing in Issue 15 in December 2016.

• WarWorldz: Project Overiew

Rourke of the Radlands is © John Freeman & Liam Sharp

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