Anderson Entertainment announces “Space: 1999 To Everything That Was” comic collection

 has announced its next comics collection, Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was - Cover

Anderson Entertainment has announced its next comics collection, Space: 1999 – To Everything That Was, connecting years one and two of Gerry Anderson’s Space: 1999 with an exciting narrative by Andrew E.C. Gaska, spread across 300 plus pages.

September 13th, 1999 – when a nuclear accident causes the Moon to be blown out of orbit and hurled into the unknown, the survivors of the Lunar base stationed there launch towards their destiny – and adventures – across the stars!

Space:1999 – To Everything That Was, available to preorder now, features carefully curated strips from both the Charlton Comics Space: 1999 series and Britain’s Look-in comic, including remastered and unpublished works by comic book legends such as John Byrne (Fantastic Four, X-Men), John M. Burns (2000AD, The Tomorrow People), Gray Morrow (Man-Thing, Tarzan, Buck Rogers), Mike Noble (Robin of Sherwood, Star Trek), Sanjulián (Vampirella, Creepy), and Joe Staton (Green Lantern, Superboy).

The first time this book has been available for a decade, it includes material left out of the 2013 release, including a first-ever look at the Space: 1999 “Season Three” graphic novel series by BLAM! Ventures.

Classic Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was
Space: 1999 Awe #1 wraparound cover (Dragoncon edition, 2012)
Space: 1999 Awe #1 wraparound cover (Dragoncon edition, 2012)
Classic Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was
Classic Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was
Classic Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was

BLAM! Ventures Space: 1999 comic book series was announced in 2009, with a dramatic poster art of the Moon exploding over the Earth. Detailing the release, The Catacombs web site notes initial release date, 13th September 2009, slipped, as did the date in 2010 and February 2011. The first electronic editions appeared in July 2012, with print versions available from October 2012. Electronic versions were available through the Comixology digital comics service.

Devised as an alternative to the original 1970s strips rather than any sort of replacement, fans are provided with a unique and exciting overarching narrative written by Andrew E.C. Gaska, the writer of two Planet of the Apes novels and the multiple award-winning ALIEN Roleplaying Game, and founder of BLAM! Ventures.

With two decades of experience in the comics and video game industries, Andrew is the Senior Development Editor at Illustrated Syndicate for Lion Forge LLC. Having previously freelanced for Lion Forge’s Labs division as a script, pitch, and proposal writer, he now generates original IP for the brand, developing both comics and animation projects.

Andrew is the founder and creative director of BLAM! Ventures LLC, a guerrilla design studio that produces integrated media for the advertising, video game, comic book, and science fiction industries. He has worked as a freelance franchise consultant to 20th Century Fox, writing series reference bibles, maintaining continuity, streamlining in-universe canon, and creating detailed timelines for the legacy franchises Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes.

He was also a production assistant for Vanguard Productions, restoring valuable comic and genre artworks for archival reproduction, and served as a visual consultant to Rockstar Games for seventeen years on the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Revolver, and all other releases.

Space:1999 – To Everything That Was is available to preorder here from Anderson Entertainment | Shipping expected from late June 2023 | Hardcover, 336 Pages

Creative Director and Narrative Adaptation: Andrew E.C. Gaska | Storytellers: Angus P. Allan, John Byrne, Johnny Byrne, Nicola Cuti, Joe Gill, Mike Noble and Mike Pellowski | Artists: Vicente Vicente Alcazar, John M. Burns, Dan Dussault, Lidia Fernandez, Edgar Hodges, David Hueso, JAG, Miki, G.P. Mogorrón, Mike Noble and Joe Staton | Cover Art: Tom Chantrell and Chandra Free | Cover Design: James King | Editor: Rebecca Taylor

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  1. Will they correct problems with the 2013 edition, specifically removing the awful, crude changes to Gray Morrows art work on frames with Martin Landau’s likeness and printing Mike Noble’s Lookin pages in the right aspect ratio instead of squeezing the into a US comic book width? It surprises me considering how poor the job done by Arcadia did that the old edition commands such mad prices!

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