Andrew Wildman draws Doctor Who "PS"

[WARNING: SPOILERS if you have not seen Angels Take Manhattan]

Comics artist Andrew Wildman has provided some poignant visuals to a special postscript to the latest Doctor Who TV episodes written by Chris Chibnall.

Now live on YouTube, the ‘PS’ centres on Rory’s father, Brian, after events in Angels Take Manhattan, which ended Rory and Amy stuck in New York in the past and the Doctor unable to rescue them.

Later, a devastated Doctor reads an afterword by Amy in a novel he began reading in the episode, telling him all is well and asking him not to be alone.

In the PS, a middle-aged man delivers Brian a letter from Rory telling him what happened to the couple.

Aside from storyboards for the BBC for The Fades and Doctor Who, Andrew’s comics credits are numerous, including the hugely-popular Transformers: ReGeneration One for IDW and the creator-owned graphic album Frontier, written by Jason Cobley.

He is also creating a Children’s TV series with Bob the Builder scriptwriter, Simon Jowett and developing his own Graphic Novel, HORIZON.




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