Art for Dylan Mars Greenberg’s “Spirit Riser” film poster by Pete Wallbank revealed

Artist Pete Wallbank has shared his work for the poster for Spirit Riser, a film produced and directed by the award-winning Dylan Mars Greenberg.

Shown here is the final incredibly involved design together with a couple of variations.

Spirit Riser - final prelims by Pete Wallbank

Spirit Riser – final prelims by Pete Wallbank

Spirit Riser – Greenberg’s seventh feature film – is produced by True Groove Productions and has a massive cast including Cherie Currie (of the Runaways), Nobunny, Amanda Flowers, Jurgen Azazel Munster, Jessie Yungbei, Dorian Electra, Weston Allen, Kansas and Parker Bowling, Patti Harrison, Yolpie Kaiser, Kal Madsen, Dylan’s own sister Summer Greenberg. It’s narrated by Michael Madsen, from Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs.

Perhaps best known for directing the 2015 film Dark Prism, Greenberg, whose varied career began at the age of 15 performing in East Village clubs and dive bars, is an American film director and musician.

Her credits also include Glamarus, her first film, produced by veteran art film director and actor Scott Shaw, the art-horror Wakers, ReAgitator: Revenge of the Parody, a horror parody of Re-Animator starring Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez and Alan Merrill, Amityville: Vanishing Point and MIA, the latter taking a contemporary look at 1980s aesthetics.

Greenberg has also directed numerous music videos, credits including work with James Chance and the Contortions, Finnish funk star Sam Huber, Mac Gollehon, Blondie keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen‘s solo project with his wife Laurel, Pastel Confession and the Suicide Squeeze Records band Death Valley Girls.

“Dylan Mars Greenberg director of the film wanted a very involved and busy design containing almost every cast member of the film,” explains Peter, who tells us he understands all his illustrations will appear in the film’s titles.

“While it wouldn’t be my first idea of how to go about the design I am as always bound by what the client wants and in this case Dylan was very focused on how things should look even providing me with her own mock up as a guide.”

Due to as they say ‘circumstances beyond my control’ Peter, perhaps best known for his Doctor Who art, is unable to do the final colouring up job but the black and white prelim is finished off enough for another artist to work from and colour up.

“Whilst not able to finish the work off, I’m pleased I was able to work on the preliminary concepts,” says Peter. “Dylan is a delight to work with as always and I wish her and team every success with this new film.”

• Greenberg’s short film The Bathtub, officially premiered in Please Kill Me, starring Bob Bert Amanda Flowers Cindy Colon Lloyd Kaufman and more, premieres at WFMU WFMU’s Monty Hall on 27th March 2020 – Read the article and get your tickets now

• Pete Wallbank is online at and available for private commission. You can also find him on Facebook here

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