Art inspired by 2000AD hits London next week, in PROG-RESS, at the Dinner Party Gallery

From abstractions of the work of Kevin O’Neill to a vision of life on The Hoop from Halo Jones, an exhibition of art inspired by 2000AD, the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, is due to open in London next week.

2000AD - PRO-GRESS Exhibition - Dinner Part Gallery 2022

Work by leading graphic artists inspired by 2000AD’s legendary creators will feature in PROG-RESS, presented by 2000AD and Carhartt WIP, on show at the Dinner Party Gallery in on Clerkenwell Road.

PROG-RESS explores the lasting influence of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, with original artworks from Ed Davis, Oliver Payne, Mudwig, Leomi Sadler, Skatething, Gasius, Will Sweeney, Ancco, Hans Berger, and Liv Preston.

Originally conceived for Carhartt WIP’s biannual publication WIP magazine, the brand has invited various artists from its network of friends and collaborators to offer their own unique take on the 2000AD universe.

The exhibition will feature a variety of works and formats, including sculpture, painting, and video.

Since its launch in 1977, 2000AD created sprawling, multifaceted universes, capable of synthesising politics, literature, subcultures, and films. The weekly ‘progs’ often set in futuristic worlds, they offer subtle critiques of ongoing political and world affairs, delivered alongside unique, arresting visuals.

For many, 2000AD has also been their first exposure to some form of countercultural visual art, and, since its launch 45 years ago this year, it’s inspired countless artists, both in spirit and form, some of whom are featured in this exhibition.

• PROG-RESS will be open to the public from 12 noon to 6.00pm daily, from Friday 25 March until Sunday 10 April 2022 at the Dinner Party Galley, 70 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5QA

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