Artist Anne Farrall Doyle’s “expressionist wallpaper” catches the eye

Expressionist mural wallpaper designed by Anne Farrall Doyle. Image courtesy

Expressionist mural wallpaper designed by Anne Farrall Doyle. Image courtesy – creators of made-to-measure wall murals – has revealed its latest collection of expressionist wallpaper murals by the award-winning Hertfordshire-based contemporary artist, Anne Farrall Doyle.

I’m not much good at DIY, but just like previous releases, such as their map murals, these Wallsauce items are really eye-catching and while this is a little outside my normal illustrations coverage, I thought they might be of interest to art-conscious downthetubes readers.

(What can I say? I’m horrendously eclectic. Deal with it…)

Born in Cheshire, England, Anne studied at Stockport College of Art and spent her early career at an advertising agency before gaining international recognition as a freelance figurative and fashion artist.

After years of experimenting with various mediums, she’s developed techniques to create these contemporary, expressionist pieces of art that can now adorn your walls in the form of made-to-measure wallpaper murals.

Ideal for creating a dramatic feature wall in any room lacking that je ne sais quoi, the new 10-piece mural collection features a variety of colourful abstract designs that have been created with oils and various other mixed media.

“My working world is neccessarily a solitary one, shared with only my dogs and cats,” Anne says of her working day on her web site.  

“I am often inspired by my daily walks with my dog, natural forces in the fields, rocks, stone walls, gnarled trees grasping to hold onto the banks by the water; continuing up the pathways to the open windswept, sunshine softened fields. In Summer a mass of waving wildflowers, in Winter an angry, whistling, wildness.

“After a morning planning sketching and sourcing materials the moment arrives when I am drawn to my project, to allow the canvas and colours to open up to my mind’s picture.

“I work cautiously at first, then gaining momentum hands flying and shaping around the canvas, finding a balance a form, eventually when all is evolving, I begin to work on another level of intuition.I am now trusting to my inspiration and experiencee, through memory and emotions, creating textures and multiple layers trying to escape the banal, the expected. I stand back, more needed, not right, continue… This is my joy and pain of painting”.

Check out her other work on her web site it really is quite breath taking, in my opinion.

The full collection created by Anne is available on a choice of wallpaper materials, including paste-the-wall wallpapers and a peel and stick wallpaper – which is great for rented accommodation. Prices are per square metre / per square foot depending on your location.

Just one of the many “feature wallpapers” offered by Wallsauce, which are really eye-catching, I think. Image courtesy

Just one of the many “feature wallpapers” offered by Wallsauce, which are really eye-catching, I think. Image courtesy

Creators of made-to-measure wall murals, is one of the UK’s leading murals company, shipping worldwide. prints its murals using the latest technology on a variety of high-quality wallpapers.

Visit the wallpaper mural collection by Anne Farrall Doyle to see the full range of designs available at | Anne Farrall Doyle is online at

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