Artist Chris Achilleos asks fans help to trace missing Cybermen art

Can anyone find out where this Doctor Who original painting is!? Artist Chris Achilleos, who drew this Tenth Planet art for the Doctor Who WH Allen/ Target Books range back in the 1970s, is trying to track it down.

Chris is a Greek Cypriot born British illustrator, painter and movie conceptual artist. Over the past 40 years, he has created some of the best loved fantasy and glamour art – including many Doctor Who illustrations and book covers – and is acknowledged as one of the top fantasy artists in the world.

The Tenth Planet was published in 1976, and as well as the cover, The back cover included a small illustrated vignette, also drawn by Chris.

“If my memory serves me well, I had this sold for me a long time ago to possibly someone based around Peterborough UK,” he says in an appeal via his official Facebook page. “Or not.

“I don’t have a transparency or any decent scans of it and there for I cannot have it printed in any way.”

A version of Chris’s art was used on the 2012 BBC Books reprint of the novelisation of William Hartnell’s final story and the first to feature Cybermen, set to return to our screens in their original incarnation later in the current season of Doctor Who on television.

If by any chance the present owner see’s this notice, then please contact Chris on AT with @)

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