Artist Matthew Dow Smith focus of new Doctor Who Panel to Panel Podcast

Doctor Who Classices Series 5 - #5


US comic writer and artist Matthew Dow Smith is the focus of Jeremy Bement’s latest Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast about his Doctor Who work at IDW.

Matthew Dow Smith

Matthew Dow Smith. Image via @matthewdowsmith

While perhaps best known for his Doctor Who work, Matthew, who has been working in comics for 20 years, is also the creator of October Girl, available digitally on Comixology (which was sidetracked by Matthew’s work on IDW’s Prisoners of Time series) and is drawing The X-Files for IDW, currently building to the dramatic end of Season 10. (“Every issue is designed to mess with X-Files fans”, he says).

Also talking about his work for numerous publishers such as Crossgen and Marvel, Matthew, now based in Washington DC, reveals his love of Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, and fear of being asked to draw the Sixth, horses – and dinosaurs.

The podcast also features a review of the Doctor Who comic strip “The Wanderers” from Jeremy and writer Paul Scoones, the final TV Comic story to feature the Third Doctor, drawn by Gerry Haylock, first published in 1974 and  reprinted as a Fourth Doctor adventure in 1978.

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• Matthew Dow Smith’s Official Blog: | Follow Matthew on Twitter @matthewdowsmith

Older episodes of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel are archived on the Internet Archive

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