Autospy & Ape return this Summer, in SPLANK!

Thanks to comics writer and publisher Peter Duncan, “Autospy & Ape”, who enjoyed a brief run in the ill-fated STRIP Magazine back in 2010, will return this summer, to the new SPLANK! comic.

Autospy & Ape created by John Freeman, art by Jon Rushby
Autospy & Ape created by John Freeman, art by Jon Rushby

The strip first ran in Print Media Productions short-lived STRIP Magazine, created by me, John Freeman, initially drawn by Jon Rushby, then by Nick Miller. Both artists have kindly agreed those strips can feature in SPLANK!, a new edition of the Power Comics-inspired anthology comic created by Peter Duncan.

Nick has also drawn some smashing promotional art to promote the crazy secret agent’s impending return. Feel free to suggest gizmos you want to see added to Autospy’s gadget, and he will add them!

Earlier this year, the reprint plan initially in doubt, I put out a call for pitches for artists to draw new takes on the strip, and had some terrific responses. I’m toying with the idea of an Autospy & Ape one shot, but with some major projects coming up and in progress, in comics, games and a return to a magazine I previously edited, it will be a while before I get to it.

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Autospy & Ape copyright 2022 John Freeman

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