Batman Automobilia Special on sale this week

Batman Automobilia SpecialThe Batman Automobilia Special, focusing on ‘The Bat’ vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises, goes on sale on Thursday (18th July).

Batman’s first hovercraft, The Bat was almost as much a character as any of the human stars in the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, according to Eaglemoss – and is already one of the most iconic super vehicles ever to appear on screen.

Aimed predominantly at male fans, particularly those who are already collecting Batman Automobilia, this special edition of the partwork, priced £18.99, has a highly detailed replica of The Bat vehicle, created using schematics taken straight from The Dark Knight Rises movie.

As well as the die-cast vehicle with a 3D lenticular background, the Batman Automobilia Special will carry a 12-page magazine about The Bat, both onscreen and in real life, featuring photos, design information and technical specifications about the Caped Crusader’s cool car.

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