Battlestar: The Final Curtain

(Thanks to FG for this item): Several sites, including MediaBlvd Magazine have posted transcripts of the telephone press conference held on Friday, 1st June with Battlestar Galactica producers Ron Moore and David Eick.

E! Online’s Kristen also reported on the event and indicates she will be attending a BSG event on 6th June and will be reporting on it.

As fans of the show know, it’s just been announced the series will end after four seasons and Eick says it was a decision that took some time to arrive at.

“Like all decisions this large, there were a number of questions that we had about it, internally, and a creative agenda that we wanted to serve,” he explained. “We all had to collectively decide when it was time to be definitive about it, and that time is now.”

Despite the decision, the show’s strong ratings and critical acclaim may yet prompt further explorations of the new BSG universe beyond series end.

“The plan is to end the show and bring it to a definitive conclusion,” Moore revealed. “There are no plans, or even thoughts, in our heads of then doing a feature or mini-series, or anything beyond that, but you never say never because who knows how we’ll feel when we actually write the conclusion.

“Will there be a plotline or a story that springs to mind, or that we create on the page that then opens a later door? It would be foolish to say, ‘Absolutely not.’ But, right now, the plan is for a definitive end.”

Eick also paid tribute to the cast of the show. “We’ve inadvertently stumbled upon the greatest collection of actors that I’ve ever been a part of,” he commented, hoping to work with many of them again beyond series end.

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