Beano blasts out of 2016 with final fun-packed issue 

Beano 3865 - Cover

Yes, we know you had your special Christmas Issue, and even a Christmas Special – but Beano fans will be delighted there’s a new issue out now, on sale in all good British newsagents, supermarkets and digitally.

In Beano 3865, wrapped in a cover by Nigel Parkinson, it’s time for everyone to resolve to behave better next year, do their homework on time and try not to have quite so much fun… not!

This issue:

Beano 3865 - Dennis the MenaceDennis in VR!

Dennis decides to check out VR gaming, to see if it’s any better than real life! Nigel Auchterlounie (who writes several great strips for the comic) and Nigel Parkinson bring you the latest Dennis the Menace tale.

Beano 3865 - Minnie the Minx

Rock ‘n’ LOL with Minnie the Minx
Minnie shares her favourite jokes!

Beano 3865 - Bash Street Kids


Visit the world of opposites, a Beanotown where Fatty is thin and Plug is really handsome…

Beano 3865 - Billy WhizzBilly Whizz slows down?

Billy’s new year resolution is to slow down! Hmm… we’re sure he’s tried to do this more than once and it never ends well…

Beano 3865 - Tricky DickySnowball Meltdown!

Tricky Dicky shows you how to make fake snowballs so you can have a battle even when there’s no snow!

Beano 3865 - Ivy the Terrible

Pup Parade and Ivy the Terrible Return!

Lew Stringer is back drawing two Beano favourites this issue.

“It’s great to be back on these two classic strips which are fun characters to draw,” he says.

Beano 3865 - Pup Parade

Pup Parade was a favourite of mine to read back when it started in the late 1960s so it’s an honour to be writing/drawing their adventures today.”

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