Beano Reunion on Radio 4

Comics guru Paul Gravett is just one of many creators involved in a special comics-focused The Reunion show on BBC Radio 4 this coming Sunday (Sunday 20th April, 11.15 to 12 noon).

The Reunion is a fascinating series bringing people together to recall past events,” Paul explains. “In this case it’s the heydays of The Beano and Dandy – the Beano being 70 this July.

“The main interviewees are artists Bill Ritchie (of Baby Crockett fame, more about him on Peter Gray’s web site) and Jim Petrie (who drew 2,000 Minnie the Minx episodes) and writers Walter Fearn (at The Beano during the 1950s, notably on Jonah with Ken Reid) and Dave Torrie (another ex Dandy editor).

“There are also archive quotes from Leo Baxenedale, Tony Robinson, Jacqueline Wilson, A N Wilson, Michael Rosen and others.”

The Reunion is repeated Friday April 25th at 9.00am and you will be able to “Listen Again” for seven days following.

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