Beano Studios unveils 2019 Beano Annual cover, out in August

Beano Annual 2019 - Cover

Over on Twitter, Beano Studios has revealed the covers of Beano Annual 2019, a title that usually goes on sale around August each year.

After the news of problems at DC Thomson-owned Parragon Books earlier this month, it’s great to know this annual treat is still on course for release as part of many projects during the weekly humour comic’s 80th anniversary year.

Beano Annual 2019 - Cover

Featuring art by regular “Dennis” strip artist Nigel Parkinson, the cover includes iconic characters such as Dennis the Menace, Billy Whizz, and the Beano’s first cover star Big Eggo, who recently returned to the comic, although the annual strip isn’t drawn by Lew Stringer.

There’s even a nod to the snapping hatching croc of early Beanos within the art, plus nods to the various Beano-related fan clubs down the years.

Beano Issue 3926 - Dennis

Talking of Beano, Issue 3926 is on sale now in all  good newsagents and supermarkets and includes Minnie the Minx “improving” the Mona Lisa, and Dennis visiting an alternate world that fans of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will quickly recognise!

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With thanks to Lew Stringer (artist on the weekly comic’s “Big Eggo”) for the heads up

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