Belgium’s Comic Art Gallery hosts two virtual exhibitions for first time graphic novelists

Belgium’s Comic Art Gallery is currently not one, but two online exhibitions, spotlighting the work of Spanish comic book artist Andres Tena and French artist Janevsky.

Astheneia by Andres Tena
Astheneia by Andres Tena

The art by Andres Tena appear in his first graphic novel, Astheneia (published by Bang Ediciones), a story that takes us from the cruel to the sensual, from the real to the dreamlike, through an astonishing graphic construction. This online exhibition runs until 15th June 2021.

Forced into solitude, she witnesses the evanescence of things around her. She has no idea that he is watching her, that he wants her, that the rest of the world is boring and who wants to get away from it… Their meeting, inevitable, obvious, brings them closer together little by little but… until Where will this murky and destructive relationship lead them?

Sixella by Janevsky
Sixella by Janevsky

Science Fiction and Eroticism is a virtual exhibition and sale of original drawings and comic strips by Janevsky, which runs until 4th Juky 2021. Janevsky’s original boards were published in the graphic novel Sixella, published in 2020 by Dynamite .

Do note that Janevsky’s original boards combine science fiction and eroticism, and are therefore not suitable for viewing in your workplace. Some works depicting very erotic scenes, an age verification will be requested before being able to view them.

Sixella is a spellbinding spatial and dreamlike tale, in which an eroticism inspired by artist Paul Gillon and the delicated pen of the author intertwine – a first erotic comic for Janevsky and already a masterstroke.

Rescued by Iris, an anthropomorphic robot, the explorer Sixella wakes up on an unknown planet, among the debris of her spaceship. They are the only survivors of the crash. The cosmonaut and his servant then set off to discover this new world, populated with tentacles and lianas with aphrodisiac virtues… But this strange vegetation is not the heaviest secret that the planet hides from our two heroes.

• The Comic Art Factory is at Chaussée de Wavre 237 1050 Brussels Belgium | Web:

Astheneia by Andres Tena is available here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Sixella by Janevsky is available here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) – French edition

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