Big Ben Animated series in development

Former Comics International and Warrior editor Dez Skinn has been in touch with downthetubes to update us on his upcoming projects — the first of which is an animated show based on one of the characters from Warrior – Big Ben.

“I’m currently developing Big Ben, The Man With No Time For Crime for the market he was born for,” Dez reveals, “Kid’s animated TV. (‘Cos he’s more than a powerpuff!)”

Dez is also busy putting the finsihing touches to Comic Art Now, a Spring 2008 200-page “comic art directory” for HarperCollins (US) and ILEX (UK), plus various European publishers.

“With well over 100 artists work on show (US, UK, Brazil, Sweden, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, Bulgaria…), plus full contact details, it gives our industry something it’s long needed, “Dez explains, “An equivalent to The Creative Handbook, The Art Directory, etc and gives creators a general audience exposure and puts their names/email addresses in the hands of account execs and the like who invariably steal their styles because they don’t know how to find them.

“Uniquely,” he adds, “Unlike the existing directories which charge for inclusion, this book’s selection for inclusion is based on the quality of the art rather than the artist’s bank balance!”

With Skinn’s previous book, Comix: The Underground Revolution a continuing good seller, let’s hope Comic Art Now is equally, if not more successful.

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