New Charlotte Corday serial begins today by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page

A young Charlotte Corday features in a new test story, Warp Wizard, by Stephen Walsh, illustrated by Keith Page. Art © Keith Page

A young Charlotte Corday features in a new test story, “Warp Wizard”, by Stephen Walsh, illustrated by Keith Page. Art © Keith Page

Over on the official Charlotte Corday web site, author and comic strip writer Stephen Walsh and Commando and Dan Dare artist Keith Page have just kicked off another fiction strand – a serialised text story, “Warp Wizard” revealing the early days of their multiverse-hopping heroine.

The duo have been working on Charlotte Corday for a number of years now, with several graphic novels published, including London Calling, Squadron of the Screaming Damned and The Iron Moon.

Written by screenwriter Stephen Walsh and drawn by Keith Page, Charlotte Corday’s many lives include a steampunk space explorer and a French detective of some sort getting involved in all sorts of arcane exploits in 1950′s London which could best be described as “Brighton Rock meets Quatermass and the Pit“.

On occasion, she has been accompanied by a human-sized “Mule” entity which had its origins in a strip Keith did for IPC’s Revolver many years ago.

Along with the “Warp Wizard” tale, a weekly web comic, “Witchcraft Street” (new readers start here!) has just reached its halfway point in a story set during and after World War Two in Paris, where bizarre goings on will ultimately have life-chaging consequences for Charlotte’s father, Jean Corday.

As we previously reported, Stephen and Keith are currently working on a new colour graphic novel, Charlotte Corday of the RSF, a glorious homage to 1950s space adventure, Dan Dare and Quatermass, all rolled into one, and have other plans for the entire Corday project, which will be revealed in due course…

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