Brilliant European Comics Reference

Albion by Leah Moore and John ReppionI just found this great European comics site – Strip-encyclopedie Zilveren Dolfijn – while doing some research on an Albion feature that should be up on downthetubes soon, centring on new interviews with Leah Moore & John Reppion, and IPC’s Andrew Sumner.

Not only does Zilveren list European comics but it also includes information on British characters reprints, such as Robot Archie. The cover scans are very useful and include the foreign reprints. (It seems that like Janus Stark and his new French excursions, Lion’s mechanical man had a second life in Holland. Bert Bus draw and wrote about six 48-page comics).

I also found this great Albion anotations site which, among other things (the amount of detail may be scary to some!) notes that the new Wildstorm and Titan Albion TPBs cleans up some of the art and even adds in some new visual references. (And not just comic references. Look out for Jack Jones – Butcher, straight from TV’s Dad’s Army, in the TPB for example).

Buy Albion from (Titan edition)

Buy Albion from (Wildstorm edition)

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