WebFind: “Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes”, a stunning-looking bande dessineé

There are many bande dessinée albums crying out for an English edition, but one recently-launched series that must be up for consideration has be the award-nominated “Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes” series by Cyril Lieron and Benoît Dahan, launched last year.

Published by Ankama, the series launched last May with the first volume of Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes – L’Affaire du ticket scandaleux, (“Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes – The Scandalous Ticket Affair”).

Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes - L'Affaire du ticket scandaleux

The story opens with Holmes longtime companion Dr Watson conducting a simple medical diagnosis that turns out to be much more. The discovery of a mysterious powder on clothes and a very special show ticket leads Sherlock Holmes to think that the patient is not the only victim of a large-scale plot, one involving a Chinese magician, Wu-Jing. Other tickets found confirm the detective’s suspicions…

Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes - L'Affaire du ticket scandaleux by Cyril Lieron and Benoit Dehan Volume Two

The second volume of the two-part story was published just before Christmas last year, launched with a huge instore marketing campaign that would put the efforts of many an English language comics publisher to shame, a reflection of the high regard for the “Ninth Art” in France, and on the continent.

While Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on the trail of Wu-Jing, the British Colonial Secretary is in targeted by the magician. This time, it is the highest levels of the state are the target of a sinister plot. The famous detective is faced with a challenge from a character as mysterious as he is worrying – and he has plenty more surprises up his sleeve.

The first volume has already been republished in Spain by Norma Editorial, and both albums look absolutely stunning, and surely worthy of a place on the bookshelves of Sherlock Holmes fans on both sides of the Channel, although they are available as eBooks, too.

A third volume – a one shot story – is currently in development.

Benoit Dahan is a French writer, artist and colourist who lives in Paris. After studying Graphic Arts at ESAG, his professional career as an illustrator began with work for newspapers and magazines such as Le Monde, Libération, Le Point, and Science et vie junior, and children’s books. He is also the co-creator of Simon Radius with his friend, Erwan Courbier.

Cyril Lieron, a colourist since 1995, has worked on a huge range of titles, including titles such as Percevan, L’Arcantane Noire, and Le Maître des Étoiles for Dargaud, Red Label Voodoo at Soleil, and more.

Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes – L’Affaire du ticket scandaleux Volume One (AmazonUK Affiliate Link) | ISBN 979-1033509721

Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes – L’Affaire du ticket scandaleux Volume Two (AmazonUK Affiliate Link) | ISBN 979-1033512547

More about the “Dans la tête de Sherlock Holmes” project on Facebook

Benoit Dahan is online at www.benoitdahan.com | Instagram | Twitter

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An interview with Benoit Dahan and Cyril Lieron by Daniel Henocq and Sophie from the Sher[UN]locked Youtube channel, about the creation of Dans la Tête de Sherlock Holmes Volume 1

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  1. This is amazing!

  2. This is a great wee book, I got my copy of Volume 1 back in Brussels in summer 2019 in those far off days of European travel. It’s a fun absorbing read – as far as my schoolboy Francais allows and a welcome edition to my BD collection.

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