British Comedy Conference seeks papers on comedy and comics

The organisers of the Sixth International Comedy Conference, which will take place later at the University of Salford have issued a Call for Papers.

The theme for this year’s two-day conference is ‘Drawing The Line’ and the academic event aims to push the boundaries and take on board topics that deal with comedy and humour from a variety of sources including those focused on stage and screen – and beyond.

“Comics can have two meanings – comedians and graphic images,” explains Mel Gibson. “Both make us laugh though in different ways; both sets of ‘comics’ can employ a variety of techniques to make us laugh.

“Some comics have become films – Asterix, Popeye, Fritz The Cat – and some comics have been filmed and made into comics – for example, Laurel and Hardy, Frank Randle and Beryl Reid, who all had regular strips in Film Fun.”

‘Drawing The Line’ calls forth for papers on all topics concerned with comedy and humour, be it film, TV, cartoon or literature. Topics for papers might include:

• Silent Comedy and slapstick – links to newspaper cartoons
Dennis The Menace
• Robert Crumb /American Splendor – Biopics of cartoonists
• The changing face of satire – Lampoon to cartoon to caricature –
Spitting Image.

The organisers invite abstracts of no more than 200 words which you should email with a brief biog to – David James ( and Dr CP Lee ( The submission date has been extended to 14th February 2012

Drawing The Line – Comics, Comedy and Comics runs at the University of Salford Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University 31st May and 1st June 2012

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