The Sevenpenny Nightmare: Wanted

Wanted: Action 37

It’s quite simple, I want this. It’s been over thirty years and there’s an issue of Action that I don’t own, that I haven’t even read. I’ve chased leads and hunted this issue for almost twenty years. Sometimes I’ve been very close, even managing to find someone who had a copy they wanted to sell, but still it eludes me, so I’ve decided to resort to this.

If you own a copy of this issue, or know anyone who has a copy, please get in touch. Ideally, I’d like to buy it, and I’m quite prepared to pay a sensible amount , but failing that, a stupid amount will have to do. If neither is possible, I’d settle for scans, whatever the quality. I can clean them up pretty well, I just need to read this issue in full.

Quite why IPC would pulp the entire print run is beyond me, but there it goes, it happened, just like they burnt all the original artwork that was left over in the archives. What’s done is done, but I’m not done with Issue 37 of Action, so please drop me a line if you can help in any way.

Moose Harris

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