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Charley's War | Over The Top Stitch

Charley’s War | Over The Top Stitch

Many of the pages dedicated to Charley’s War on downtheubes – first published on Tripod and then hosted on the SevenPennyNightmare comic sites run by Moose Harris – were first created by Neil Emery, who sadly passed suddenly and unexpectedly, cause unknown, at the far too early age of 39 in June 2010.

Charley’s War co-creator Pat Mills campaigned for some time for the re-publication of the critically-acclaimed World War One series first published in Battle Picture Weekly. But it was Neil’s interest in the saga, creating this web site which played a significant role in revitalising interest in the series and persuading Titan Books to reprint the saga, which continues to this day, with ten volumes planned to complete the First World War and post-war stories written by Pat and drawn by the late Joe Colquhoun.

After a long absence from the web following the death of his mother in 2006, Neil ‘rebooted’ the site and both he and John Freeman  talked about expanding this resource, giving it a higher profile it fully deserved. When Neil passed away, I took over the site and, working with Moose Harris, a new home for Charley’s War on the web was developed, but after issues with hosting companies I decided to move the pages here rather than lose them.

The site includes details of the Charley’s War books available, interviews, background features and reading lists. We hope you enjoy it.

John Freeman
March 2015


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