Charley’s War: Stripography and Timeline – 1984


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7th January 1984 (March 1918)
Charley’s anger at passing toffs in car, who come to East End to survey the bomb damage. Charley returning to France. Jack Bourne (Charley’s cousin) tells passengers of the war at sea.

14th January 1984 (March 1918)
Jack’s ship, HMS Kent lost its sister ship to the Nurnberg. Jack heads towards the Falklands in 1914. Jack falls foul of Navy discipline and Stoker ‘Grizzly’ Morgan to whom he owes money.

21st January 1984 (March 1918)
Kent refuels at the Falklands – meanwhile the Nurnberg and a battle fleet are heading towards the islands to invade them.

28th January 1984 (March 1918)
Two dreadnoughts are waiting for the Germans who turn tail and run. The Scharnhorst sacrifices herself to save the rest of the fleet.

4th February 1984 (March 1918)
Kent chases the Nurnberg, burning anything on board to catch up with the German cruiser.

11th February 1984 (March 1918)
The British cruiser catches the Nurnberg and opens fire. Return fire pierces Jack’s turret setting fire to the cordite cases inside as flames shoot down the shell hoist chute.

18th February 1984 (March 1918)
The ships exchange fire and the Nurnberg is close to surrender.

25th February 1984 (March 1918)
The Nurnberg lowers its colours, but the Germans strike their colours and open fire.

3rd March 1984 (March 1918)
The Kent finishes off the Nurnberg and the ship sinks with its entire crew. Oiley and co drop Jack off at Chatham. Oiley has been called up again.

10th March 1984 (March 1918)
German Spring Offensive. Charley has been promoted to L/Cpl. German Stormtroopers attack and Scholar is set on fire by a flamethrower.

17th March 1984 (March 1918)
Skin puts Scholar out of his misery. The redoubt is surrounded and the section is captured.

24th March 1984 (March 1918)
Charley kills the Unteroffizer and leads a breakout. They head towards the sound of tanks in the fog.

31st March 1984 (March 1918)
The tanks are German-manned. Charley and co escape and bump into Nobbler White, a Cockney in a kilt. They free an 18pd cannon from the mud as German Uhlans approach.

7th April 1984 (March 1918)
Charley recognises ‘Warrior’ amongst the gun team. They fight the Uhlans but Charley runs out of ammo as a German bears down on him.

14th April 1984 (March 1918)
Skin saves Charley. The 18pd fires at point-blank range, but the gun crew are killed. Charley and company take over, directed by the wounded RHA officer. Warrior is hit.

21st April 1984 (March 1918)
They knock out the tank and Charley shoots Warrior. Skin is acting suspiciously. They enter the town of Albert and run into a group of looters.

28th April 1984 (March 1918)
Charley organises the defence. Skin is suspected of being a spy. The German marines break in to Albert and take no prisoners. Skin shakes hands with a German soldier.

5th May 1984 (March 1918)
He is Skin’s brother, but is shot. Skin’s (Skorczyk) parents are from Silesia. His brother was visiting relatives in Germany and was called up there. Skin impersonates his brother and saves men.

12th May 1984 (April 1918)Charley and co back in the Somme area having pulled back 40 miles. Old Bill read the ‘Backs to the Wall’ communique from Haig. Attack of the first German panzers.

19th May 1984 (April 1918)The tank ‘Elfreide’ is pushed into a sandpit. Attack by hundreds of stormtroopers.

26th May 1984 (May 1918)
Charley and co fight stormtroopers. Arrival of light tanks. Charley rescues crew of an overturned Renault only to find he has rescued Captain Snell. End of the Spring Offensive.

2nd June 1984 (May 1918)
Charley is now a corporal. Doughboys – Meet Pigiron, a corporal from the Hell’s Fighters raised in Harlem. Americans go into attack led by French officers but when things go wrong, Charley and co go to help.

9th June 1984 (Summer 1918)
Charley and Pigiron charge a German machine-gun nest. Out of line they fight two bullying US soldiers. A mystery figure fires at them as they leave a café.

16th June 1984 (Summer 1918)
Pigiron is shot dead and the murderer escapes. Lt Conway saw Snell shoot the Corporal but then Conway is shot in the back by Snell during a battle.

23rd June 1984 (Summer 1918)
Jack Bourne is missing after the Zeebrugge Raid. Charley goes into a village, but is ambushed by German commandos. He is sent back to say that the village is clear and to lead them into a trap. Charley shouts a warning.

30th June 1984 (Summer 1918)
Charley survives and Snell ambushes the Stosstrupps. The German CO tries to make his escape in an armoured car but is blown up. Charley is blown into the river and captured by Germans.

7th July 1984 (Summer 1918)
In the POW camp we encounter the sadistic Unteroffizer Guttenheim (Guts). Charley is reunited with Jack.

14th July 1984 (Summer 1918)
Charley works down a coal mine. Charley and Jack swap clothes with German miners and escape. They’re tracked down by Guts

21st July 1984 (Summer 1918)
Charley shows the tunnel diggers how to dig claykicking style. Guts rumbles the tunnel and Charley kills him.

28th July 1984 (Summer 1918)
Guts is not dead. Charley and Jack fake influenza and are buried outside the wire, but Charley thinks he is buried alive.

4th August 1984 (Summer 1918)
Charley is rescued by Jack and they board a train pretending to be Belgian workers. Guts is on the train, but they leap off. Guts dies when leaning out of the train. Three days later they reach British lines.

11th August 1984 (November 1918)
Attack on Albert Canal. Two of Charley’s comrades die of flu.

18th August 1984 (November 1918)
Entering a mined village, Smith 70 and Young Albert roar up on motorcycle combination and beat off attack.

25th August 1984 (November 1918)
Bridgelaying tank aids attack. Snell puts captured Germans in cellar and throws a grenade into it. He then shoots an enraged Skin dead.

1st September 1984 (November 1918)
Valenciennes. Old Bill flushes out a sniper in the railway station.

8th September 1984 (11th November 1918)
Last day of the war. Snell is determined to reach Mons with an hour to go. Men are cut down, leaving Charley and Snell to fight it out.

15th September 1984 (11th November 1918)
Fight on slag heap. Snell tells Charley that he has ‘volunteered’ him for Russia. An acid sprayer gets Snell and Charley walks away. refusing to put him out of his misery. Old Bill has survived and is off to Russia, too.

22nd September 1984
NO CHARLEY’S WAR Joe on a week’s holiday

29th September 1984
Archangel front. Charley and company throw useless White Russian troops out of trench. They meet Percy, TT Sloane and Grouchy Spencer. British take wooden blockhouses.

6th October 1984 (September 1919)
Battalion of Death, led by Red Rosa. Billeted in Tulaga, L/Cpl Chippy is killed by Rosa

13th October 1984 (September 1919)
Attack beaten off with armoured car. Red Rosa killed. Tulaga is torched by the British to deny it to the Reds.

20th October 1984 (September 1919)
Hauling an aeroplane by sledge, they blacken their cap badges to stop the sniper aiming for them. The monks refuse to let the soldiers shelter at the monastery.

27th October 1984 (September 1919)
The abbot intervenes. The Reds attack, but this is beaten off when an aeroplane gets airborne. The Reds torch the monastery after the British leave.

3rd November 1984

10th November 1984 (September 1919)
Spirodonov and the armoured trains – Charley takes the salute

17th November 1984 (September 1919)
Spirodonov’s story – Charley fights off the Red infantry, but the White train is led into an ambush

24th November 1984 (September 1919)
Train battle – Charley changes the points – Percy is shot by the Reds

1st December 1984 (September 1919)
The Mill OP, White Russians change side and kill Woodbridge

8th December 1984 (September 1919)
Fight at the Mill, Charley leaps from the burning building.

15th December 1984 (September 1919)
Grouchy talks of revolution – he is captured during night patrol and is shot by Spirodonov who thinks he is an assassin

22nd December 1984 (September 1919)
Fight off train, and preparations are made for the use of mustard gas

29th December 1984 (September 1919)
Using mustard gas, Charley save Zumarov the Commissar from death.

Charley’s War created by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun


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