Charley’s War: Stripography and Timeline – 1986


Nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, USSR, April Challenger explodes John McCarthy, a British journalist was kidnapped by Islamic Jihad. Remained in captivity for a staggering 5.5 years. Return of Haley’s Comet

4th January 1986 (Summer 1940)
Heinrich Holtz, the German sniper and his recurring nightmare of failing to shoot a wild boar whilst hunting with his father. The boar gores his father.

11th January 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley crosses canal to stalk Holtz.

18th January 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley is tracked by Holtz in turn. Cornered in ironmongers’, he is wounded in the right hand.

25th January 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley has to use his left hand to fire his rifle, but he escapes to a timberyard. Holtz prepares to burn him out.

1st February 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley charges Holtz who freezes, as with the wild boar, and is killed.

8th February 1986 (Summer 1940)
Half dead, Charley floats across the river back to his own lines

15th February 1986 (Summer 1940)
West of Lille, Charley meets Wally Forbes at a First Aid Post. Train crash

22nd February 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley and Wally escape the wreckage.

1st March 1986 (Summer 1940)
Stukas shoot up the hospital train. Charley and Wally escape to farmhouse, but a mysterious figure puts a shotgun to Wally’s head.

8th March 1986
Hortense Flaubert is introduced, after finally being convinced they are not fifth columists

15th March 1986 (Summer 1940)
Hidden by Hortense Flaubert.

22nd March 1986 (Summer 1940)
Germans attack the farm

29th March 1986 (Summer 1940)
Hortense is fighting mad. Wally, Charley and Hortense go to attack fuel dump.

5th April 1986 (Summer 1940)
Fight in the fuel dump in a captured tank.

12th April 1986 (Summer 1940)
Hortense is wounded, and they escape the dump pursued by Germans.

19th April 1986 (Summer 1940)
They kill the pursuing guard dogs, and reach Hortense’s farm house, but are betrayed.

26th April 1986(Summer 1940)
Hortense prepares to make her last stand as the Germans arrive outside.

3rd May 1986 (Summer 1940)
She attacks them in a wheelchair, allowing Charley and Wally to escape at the cost of her life.

10th May 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley and Wally come to the aid of an ambulance attacked by French troops. Charley asks one of the wounded to deliver a letter to Bill Tozer when he returns to Britain.

17th May 1986 (Summer 1940)
Old Bill and the LDV. Bill goes to Oily to find out what happened with Kate. Oily asks his henchman, Sammy, to arrange an accident for Bill.

24th May 1986(Summer 1940)
Bill gives his men gas training in a smoke filled cellar. Sammy knocks Bill out and leaves him to die of fumes.

31st May 1986 (Summer 1940)
Sammy pushes Old Bill down the cellar steps, but young John Wilson returns and saves Old Bill’s life. They pay a visit to Oily

7th June 1986 (Summer 1940)
Rout in France. Old Bill and Oiley box. Oiley beaten into submission and taken to the police station where he gives a full confession. Kate Bourne is released from prison.

14th June 1986(Summer 1940)
Cornered by the Waffen SS in a ditch.

21st June 1986 (Summer 1940)
Helped by LAC Bill Sims, they witness a massacre of refugees by SS Col Braun.

28th June 1986 (Summer 1940)
Breakthrough to Le Paradis. Bill encounters a rat in a sewer, and his fearful cries alert the Germans.

5th July 1986 (Summer 1940)
Escape sewer and arrive at Le Paradis to see surrender and iminent massacre of the Norfolks.

12th July 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley attacks SS in vain, and the surviving soldiers are killed. Rescue Bill Sims and kill Braun.

19th July 1986 (Summer 1940)
Dunkirk perimeter. Charley and Wally help MPs destroy abandoned British lorries.

26th July 1986 A(Summer 1940)
An air attack kills MPs and Wally’s lucky black cat.

2nd August 1986 (Summer 1940)
Dunkirk under fire. Wally Forbes killed on the East Mole.

9th August 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley shoots down a Stuka using a Bofors gun.

16th August 1986 (Summer 1940)
Sent east to help evacuation there, a Spitfire is shot down.

23rd August 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley rescues the wounded pilot, but his attempts to get him on board a hospital ship before other soldiers meets violent resistance.

30th August 1986 (Summer 1940)
Saved by the Winslow Boy, an Intelligence Officer. E-Boats attack the British ships.

6th September 1986 (Summer 1940)
Ship sinks. Charley sent to retrieve trucks with Royal Engineers, so that they can build a make-shift jetty by driving them into the sea. Charley sees Len.

13th September 1986 (Summer 1940)
Len is shell-shocked, but put aboard a boat. A near-miss makes him go crazy and he leaps into the water.

20th September 1986 (Summer 1940)
Fished out of the sea, Charley leads a wounded Archie on to the same boat, but the boat strikes a mine.

27th September 1986 (Summer 1940)
They are rescued but Len punches his dad, knocking him into the sea. He is nearly crushed as two ships slam together in the rough sea

4th October 1986 (Summer 1940)
Charley is rescued from the sea, his ribs broken, and Len recognises his dad. Charley realises that this is his last battle, and that he is too old, and his mind goes back to the First World War. The End of Charley’s War.

11th October 1986
The re-run from Episode 1 begins

Charley’s War created by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun


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