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Commando 4679 - 'Deadlock at the Marne' cover art by Ian Kennedy

Commando 4679 – ‘Deadlock at the Marne’ cover art by Ian Kennedy

Last Updated: 8th February 2019

Published by DC Thomson, Commando For Action and Adventure  is Britain’s longest serving war comic, publishing stories of action and adventure since 1961. These stories, with their mixture of excitement, danger and courage under fire, and the dynamic artwork that accompanies them, have won Commando a loyal readership over the decades.

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Some of the credits for the artists who have worked on Commando are a little obscure, but Steve Holland has researched them diligently down the years and identified many of them for an article on his Bear Alley site first published in 2012 here


Commando 401 - Terror TeamJuan Gonzalez Alacreu

Born in 1937, Juan is perhaps best known for drawing the 1950s Spanish character “Capitan Hispania”. He also contributed to Battle Picture Library and Lady Penelope.

Not to be confused with Pepe Gonzales of Vampirella fame.

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Peter Richardson offers a tribute to his comics work here

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Matias Alonso (Matias Alonso Andres) (1935 – )
British comics credits include Air Ace, Battle Action, Commando, Eagle, The Victor and Twinkle. Now a fine art painter


Jeff Anderson

Mick Anglo (1916 – 2011)
Writer and artist. Also creator of Marvelman

• Steve Holland’s tribute to Mick Angle is here on Bear Alley

Luis Arcas
20th October 1934 – 3rd  July 1989

Luis Arcas Brauner was a widely admired painter of portraits (including those of Spanish royalty), landscapes and still life.

Steve Holland notes here on Bear Alley that although primarily a painter, he also produced comic strips and feature illustrations for British comics. He was an irregular contributor to War and Battle picture libraries, drawing 17 issues between 1963 and 1969, and a single contribution to Commando Library in 1970. He had, by then, switched to painting covers and illustrations for Tell Me Why (1968-70), notably the ‘Great Artists’ feature, and World of Wonder (1971).

Commando 5136: Gold Collection - Atlantic PatrolVictor Hugo Arias
1928 – 

In addition to his adventures strip work in his native Argentina from the 1950s onwards Arias collaborated on numerous projects for various European publishers, in particular for Fleetway and DC Thomson in the UK, becoming the latter’s art director in 1967.

He returned to Argentina in 1974, where he joined Ediciones Record and created several adventure series such as I Cavaliera del Mare and Tanganika (1979), that were published in Skorpio. He also worked on Odisea 2000 and Base 86.

• Victor Hugo Arias on Lambiek


Raphael Auraleon

Martin Baines

Martin has been a professional storyboard and concept artist for over 10 years, working extensively in the field of storyboards for advertising agencies. He’s done work for most of the major studios in central London for clients such as Hitachi, AA, Visa and Nescafe.

Beside advertising, he’s worked with publishers on a regular bases producing images in a variety of styles; from realistic painted book jackets, to drawing comic strips and colouring the famous Garth comic strip in the Daily Mirror. His strips have appeared in Spaceship Away and in later issues of DC Thomson’s short-lived Thunderbirds are Go title.

• Official web site:

Ken Barr
17th March 1933 – 25th March 2016

Born in Scotland in 1933, Ken perhaps best known to downthetubes readers for his Commando covers, and worked continuously for many years in the British graphics art industry. His innovative style and fresh perspective made him one of the most beloved and collected comic artists.

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Bellalta (Jose Maria Suarez Ballalta)

Benet [Manuel Benet Blanes]

Luis Bermejo

Jordi Bernet

Bevia (Aurelio Bevia Pascual)

Bielsa (Jose Maria Fernandez Bielsa)


(Jaime?) Blasco

James Bleach

Rafael Boluda

Armando Bonato


Alan Burrows

Buylla (Adolfo Alvarez Buylla)


Jaime Marzal Canos


Carrion (Felix Carrion Cenamor)

Roberto Casarrubio

L. C. Castello (see Castello Lucas)

• Read a profile of Castro by Steve Holland on Bear Alley here

Juan Manuel Cicuendez

Collado (Luis Collado Coch)

Correa (possibly Antonio Correa)

Cortes / Cortez (Alfredo Sanchis Cortes)

Cruz (possibly Carlos Cruz)

Francisco Cueto

Juan Dalfiume

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Ramon de la Fuente

Victor de la Fuente

De la Rosa (Felipe Jimenez De la Rosa)

Domingo (possibly Jose Antonio Doningo Benabeu)


Enriquez (possibly F. Enriquez)

Escandell (possibly Juan Escandell Torres)



Arthur Fleming

Peter Fleming

Flores (Jesus Flores Thies)

Peter Ford
• Read a short profile of Peter Ford here on Bear Alley

Jaime Forns

Peter Foster

Franch (possibly JR. Franch)

Leone Frollo


Amador Garcia (Amador Garia Cabrera)

Xuasus Garcia

Ricardo Garijo (1953-2009)
Argentinian artist and author, a regular contributor to DC Thomson’s Commando title, who died  in his native Argentina in 2009 after a long illness aged just 55.

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• Ricardo Garijo’s official site is archived on the Wayback Machine here

Phil Gascoine at the London Comics Festival in 2005. Photo: John Freeman

Phil Gascoine at the London Comics Festival in 2005. Photo: John Freeman

Phil Gascoine (1934 – 2007)

Artist Phil Gascoine’s comics career spanned 45 years. He left school aged 15 and worked in an art studio until leaving to complete two years National Service.

As a freelancer, Phil drew for several girls’ comics for over 10 years, including such titles as DC Thomson’s Bunty and School Friend, and IPC’s much-admired Jinty. Among many other boys adventures strips, he’s well known for his work on Battle Action!, on “The Sarge.

In addition to work for Marvel UK, Phil also drew strips for the US market, including The Unknown SoldierThe Punisher and various titles for DC Vertigo such as Shade The Changing Man.

Read a 2006 interview with Phil Gascoine
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• Read Steve Holland’s obituary on Bear Alley here


Giralt (Joan Giralt Banús)

D. S. Gomez


Gual (Josep Gual)

Guerrero (possibly JAntonio Guerrero Pinin)

Daniel Haupt

Huescar (Jose Antonio de Huescar)

Ibanez (Vicente Ibáñez Sanchís)

Sandy James

Jimeno (Justo Jimeno Bazaga)

Jones (possibly JGeoff Jones]

Jose Maria Jorge
• Read our tribute to Jose Maria Jorge here


Cam Kennedy

Ian Kennedy

One of Commando‘s most prolific and longest-serving cover artists whose credits also include strips for 2000AD, Eagle and much more.


Gordon Livingstone

Read Colin Noble’s tribute to Gordon here on downthetubes


• Read Steve Holland’s profile of Llops here on Bear Alley

Lombardia (Jose Fernandez de Lombardia)

Solano Lopez

L. Castello Lucas

L. S. Lucas (see Castello Lucas?)

Macabich (Jordi Macabich Potau)


Denis McLoughlin

Maidagan (possibly Federico Maidagan)

Commando 3106: Tug the TankieAlfredo de la María (Dalger)

Check out out article Comic Creator Spotlight: Commando Cover Artist “Dalger” (Alfredo de la María)

Janek Matysiak – Cover Artist

Medrano (Julio Cesar Medrano, a.k.a. A. Martinez)

Mira (Luis Martinez Mira)
Born in Murcia, Spain, 1928, father of Luis Alejandro Martínez Mira.

Isidre Mones

Mario Morhain

Navarro (Agustin Navarro Costa)

Nebot (possibly Joan Nebot Alegret)

Ricardo Luis Olivera

Paolo Ongaro


Leopoldo Ortiz
Brother of fellow artist José Ortiz Moya

Keith Page
• Read our interview with Keith Page here

Terry Patrick



F. A. Philpott

Carlos Pino

Jose Garcia Pizarro

Pueyo (A. Pueyo)

Aldoma Puig

Miguel Quesada

Ramos (possibly Luis Ramos Santos)

Graeme Neil Reid – Cover Artist


Clemente Rezzonico

John Ridgway

C. T. Rigby

Neil Roberts – Cover Artist

Roca (Luis Martinez Roca)

• Read Steve Holland’s profile here on Bear Alley

L. Rosell

Roux (possibly Guillermo Roux)

Ruiz (Alejandro Martinez Ruiz)
• Read Steve Holland’s profile here on Bear Alley

Alberto Saichan
• Read Steve Holland’s profile here on Bear Alley

Angel Salmeron

Martin Salvador

D. Sanchez / Sanches


Segrelles (Eustaquio Segrelles Del Pilar)

Keith Shone

Sio (Enric Sio Guardiola)

Solbes (possibly Enric Solbes)

Ferran Sostres

Szilagy (possibly Silvestre Szilagyi)

Ferdinando Tacconi

Loredano Ugolini

Usero (Adolfo Usero Abellan)


Horacio Raul Vila


Jim Watson
• Read our tribute Jim Watson here

Mike White


Patrick Wright

Wynne (possibly Doug Wynne)

Juan Zanotto

Manuel Zatarain

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