British creators join SHUDDER horror anthology line-up

British creators are among the creators working on the US horror anthology, SHUDDER, with #8 available for pre-order now.

Warrant Publishing Company - SHUDDER #8 - cover by Stesney
SHUDDER #8, available soon, cover by Stesney

Published by the Warrant Publishing Company, who also publish the horror anthology Vampiress Carmella, SHUDDER is a marvellous homage to classic US horror anthologies such as Warren’s Creepy and Eerie, offering a smashing selection of strips.

Bambos Georgiou, well known for his work for Marvel UK and, more recently, Aces Weekly and The77, has provided a script for this upcoming issue, which features art by Nik Poliwko, Reno Maniquis, Carlos Lamani, Rodel Noora and Santos Zaballos, plus stories by Lou Moujin, Billy Grim, Don Glut and Lynn Marron.

SHUDDER #8 ships from 25th November 2022, and, if you pre-order direct from Warrant Publishing, you’ll also get a poster of the gorgeous cover by Stesney.

SHUDDER 7 is available now, with back issues of every issue of the magazine available from the publisher’s office web site at

Check out SHUDDER’s sister title, Vampiress Carmilla

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