Campaign gathers pace to make ‘Accident Man’ film

Inappropriate Films, a small, independent movie outfit that made the comedy series Bumjam and who are working on Selkie, described as “a creature feature with a difference,” have begun a Kickstarter campaign to bring Pat Mills and Tony Skinner’s Accident Man – due to be released as a collection by Titan Comics next year – to cinema screens.

Pat Mills' Accident Man. Graphic novel cover by Howard Chaykin

Pat Mills’ Accident Man. Graphic novel cover by Howard Chaykin

Starring World Karate Champion Paul Lapsley the film – based on the strip first published in Toxic back in the 1990s – is a left field take on the Hit Man, the project a labour of love by both the writers of the original comic and the team behind shooting the movie.

The original centreed around the life of Mike Fallon, a high-class hitman noted for his love of high living and glamorous girlfriends, known for making his murders look like accidents, and often going to extravagant lengths to do so. Bit his “I don’t give a damn” attitude to his hits changes the day his ex wife (a would-be Greenpeace activist) is murdered. Fallon goes on a murderous rampage to find out who paid the contract on his girlfriend and who actually made the hit.

The company trying to make the movie have already shot various taster scenes to get the feel of Mike Fallon, which are viewable on

“Now we have the final script,” says James Lundy. “It’s time to shoot the film properly.

“We can do this very cheaply,” he continues, but “we need the money to rent some high end kit we don’t have. The film is going to be made by Inappropriate Films who are a breakaway team from Art Attack Films, a commercial film and video company. The crew (nearly all women) are pro but putting in the time for a beloved project.”

There’s a sense of urgency to raising the £20,000 goal, given renewed interest in Accident Man with Titan Comics announcement that they will be publishing a collection next year.

Inappropriate Films want to capitalize on that release by having the film ready, conscious that as well as previous publication in Toxic in 1991 (the creator-led comic that should not be confused with Egmont’s current title) and by Dark Horse Comic, the character has been optioned as a possible film project many times, by Universal Pictures and others.

Accident Man #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Cover by Howard Chaykin

Accident Man #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Cover by Howard Chaykin

“Various producers have picked up the torch and he nearly got to the big screen so often,” says James. “There are currently two significant players showing an interest [but] we (Pat, Tony, Inappropriate) want to do Accident Man justice and bring out the film that should be made.

“The best way to do that is to have the film ready as Titan brings out the collected work. We can do this – we just need [fans] help.”

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