Candy Jar Books releases updated paperback edition of “Kklak!: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos”

Kklak!: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos (Candy Jar Books)

Candy Jar Books has published an updated paperback version of Kklak: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos. Featuring an unpublished Peter Capaldi illustration by Chris, who died in 2021, this edition also has contributions from Chris’ daughters, Esther and Anna, his nephew Thomas, and his wife, Natasha.

The covers for the official Target novelisations, which began in the early 1970s, defined a generation’s image of the Doctor and his adventures – particularly after the show disappeared from British screens in the late 1980s.

Lavishly detailed, with psychedelic overtones and an unapologetically pulpy sensibility, these covers perfectly captured the eccentric appeal of the classic series.

Kklak!: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilléos collects the entirety of Achilléos’ Doctor Who artwork in chronological order, along with commentary from Achilléos himself (as well as some fans) – presenting the definitive guide to his seminal work.

The book also includes a small contribution from Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and a foreword from Achilléos’ long-time friend and collaborator, the late Terrance Dicks. It also features four brand new covers by Chris, and contributions from Jon Culshaw, Gary Russell, Colin Howard, David Howe, Shaun Russell, and lots of other fans.

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For more information about the life and work of Chris Achilléos, head to the House of Achilléos website

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