Cat Tracking into parallel dimensions

It’s a well known fact that many SF and comics writers own cats. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those weird rules of the universe.

Of course many freelancers work from home, but even they must sometimes wonder where their cat has disappeared to. Into Schrodinger’s box? A parallel dimension? Or simply to scrounge food off the little old lady two streets away and then work its way back to your house employing the “Six Dinner Sid” method of coming home?

Well, tough luck, cats — it seems you’re close to having their lives monitored just the way we are through CCTV, money trails, RFID chips and your wild bretheren are pursued across the African plains for Big Cat Diary. The technology for GSM tracking is getting smaller by the day.

This German company has info on the latest GSM tags that could be used to monitor your moggy — but at 110g, it’s still too heavy for the domestic feline and you can be sure they’ll lose the thing about five minutes after leaving your house. The company doesn’t sell the things, but they reckon that by next year a smaller, lighter and more robust version will be on the market.

But do you really want to know where cats go?

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