Celebrity Chef

First we had Fanny Craddock, next Delia Smith, then Nigella Lawson, and now we have Maw Broon! Courtesy of those nice people at Waverley Books, Maw Broon’s Cookbook is due to be released on an unsuspecting world in October, just in time for the Christmas puddings to be made.

A facsimile of Maw Broon’s own cookbook, borrowed from the sideboard at No 10 Glebe Street, “it was made for Maw by her mother-in-law when Maw married Paw, it has been added to over the years with recipes from friends, family and neighbours – complete with clippings, family comments and stains!”

Also from Waverley Books and available now, is Fo Bhruid, the latest version of Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy’s Kidnapped graphic novel, this time translated into Scots Gaelic by Ian MacDonald of the Scottish Books Council. That now makes six versions of the book published – the original Alan Grant text version in hardback, standard softcover and One Book One Edinburgh softcover, followed by the modern text softcover, the Lowland Scots softcover “Kidnappit” and now the Scots Gaelic version. Is it any wonder they are already working on the follow up, The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

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