Century 21 Collection News – Volume Four on course

Details of the strips in Century 21: Classic Comic Strips from the Worlds of Gerry Anderson Volume 4: Above and Beyond – the latest in a great series of books from Reynolds & Hearn featuring some of the best strips from the Gerry Anderson-inspired weekly comic TV Century 21 and other comics – have just been released.

Century 21: Classic Comic Strips from the Worlds of Gerry Anderson Vol 4: Above and Beyond

FIREBALL XL5: Timeslip – Art by Mike Noble

FIREBALL XL5: The Sword of Damacles – Art by Mike Noble

STINGRAY: The Flying Fish – Art by Ron Embleton

THUNDERBIRDS: Destination Sun – Art by Frank Bellamy and Don Harley

THUNDERBIRDS: The Quake Maker – Art by Frank Bellamy

ZERO X: The Ghosts of Saturn – Art by Mike Noble

CAPTAIN SCARLET: Unity – Art by Ron Embleton

CAPTAIN SCARLET: Satellite 4 – Art by Ron Embleton

Century 21 Annual 2011

UFO: The Movies – Art by Martin Asbury

The book is available in paperback (ISBN 978 1 904674 15 3) from all good bookshops but there’s also a limited edition hardback (ISBN 978 1 904674 14 6) on offer only from the publisher’s web site (www.rhbooks.com), signed by Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson.

Reynolds & Hearn have also announced that their Century 21 Annual 2011 – collecting stories from the classic TV Century 21 annuals from the 1960s – will now go ahead next year after all. Expect to see the book released in August.

The released dummy cover comprises images from several of the original annual covers.

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