Christian Ward’s ‘Dead Cats’ exhibition at London’s Orbital Comics

Christian Ward's 'Dead Cats' Exhibtion poster

(via Paul Gravett): London’s Orbital Comics Gallery near Leicester Square, London has just opened their latest exhibition of original comics art: ‘Dead Cats’ by Christian Ward.

Spinning out of the much-lauded Infinite Vacation mini-series from Image comics (co-created by Christian and Nick Spencer), Dead Cats features both art from Infinite Vacation, and new pieces exploring the possibilities of parallel universes and quantum mechanics.

Christian recently worked with Matt Fraction on a DHP short called “The Time Ben Fell In Love”, and has been confirmed as co-creator, with Fraction again, on next year’s ODY-C. Coming from Image Comics, this will be a gender-swapped sci-fi take on Homer’s Odyssey.

• Dead Cats runs until 2nd September 2nd

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