Comic Artists Map their influences in popular Internet ‘Meme’

PJ Holden’s ‘Influence Map’

2000AD artist PJ Holden has joined the growing number of comic artists who have created ‘influence maps’ of their work, assembling the art of creators that has inspired him into a pleasing graphic (right).

The project is just part of an Internet ‘meme’ – a phrase coined by the web’s credited creator Richard Dawkins back in 1976 –  defined as a concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet, much like an esoteric inside joke.

Among Paul’s influences are Steve Dillon, Cam Kennedy, Belfast cartoonist Ian Knox, Gil Kane and Mike McMahon.

“My intent was to start with the guys that probably influenced me in a thousand untold ways, people I read and loved as a kid and probably copied or imitated,” he says in his Meme post on Facebook about the map. “Many of whom I haven’t really tapped into since I was 12. Then I wanted to move into people who are more obviously an influence, people who’s styles I’ve conciously borrowed techniques/renderings from.

“I will borrow a rendering style from an artist but i try and keep my art style – the actual shape of my drawing – my own. But, of course, it’s already been influenced by those that have gone before.

“…It’s been quite a trip through memory lane.”

The Forbidden Planet International blog recently reported that several artists have recently created these maps, including Adam Cadwell. John Allison, Aaron Diaz and Rene Engström. Others are Hugh Raine, Paul Shinn and Hi-Ex co-organiser Vicky Stonebridge.  Illustrator Marian Bantjes has created her own design of Map, but it’s also fascinating.

But this is just a tip of the iceberg, as this search of ace art community site deviantart reveals.

Paul suggests that those interested in creating their own could do worse than check out the for artists who may have influenced you.

Fox Orian created the template which seems to be being used by most artists for this ‘Meme’; check out his own Map here

Check out the Influence Maps on deviantart

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