Comic Creator Spotlight: Artist Caanan White

American comic artist Caanan White began his professional career as a comic artist in 2006, when he was published by both the independent graphic novel publisher Dabel Brothers and Marvel Comics.

He recently published these examples of DC’s Batman and Robin which caught my eye – great studies of both characters, I felt.

Batman by Caanan White

“Most of the time you see people depict Batman In all his awesome Batmaness – rooftops, etc.,” he said of his depiction of the Dark Knight. “I wanted to show the detective side. So yeah. It was fun.”

Robin by Caanan White

“I couldn’t do the master without the student – the original – Dick Grayson Robin! Really had fun modifying his suit a bit, but still stayed true to the original design.”

Superman by Caanan White
Recent work by Caanan for a series of “28Black” illustrations published last moth

Canaan began submitting his work to various small press publishers in 2008, including Avatar Press.

Impressed with what he saw, Avatar CEO William Christensen hired White to work on two war titles: Uber, a historical fiction account of the events of World War Two written by comic superstar Kieron Gillen, and The Harlem Hellfighters by Max Brooks, the story of the 369th Regiment and their acts of bravery that helped turn the tide of the war and reshaped the opinions of thousands of Americans concerning the black soldier as both a soldier and as a human being.

His more recent work includes the kung-fu epic Son of Shaolin, written by Jay Longino, a film tie-in published by Top Cow.

The book was the first of four projects that White and Longino have partnered on, the other three currently in production under the Size 13 Comics banner, an independent publisher started by Longino with manager Bernie Cahill.

Brand: Way of the Gun

He’s currently part of the team behind Brand: Way of the Gun, the next 60 page chapter of the Brand saga, seeking backing on Indiegogo.

Check out more of Caanan White’s work on DeviantArt | ArtStation | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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