Comic creator Woodrow Phoenix features in BBC’s new landmark art series

Woodrow Phoenix with the The Bayeux Tapestry, in Art That Made Us. Image: BBC
Woodrow Phoenix with the The Bayeux Tapestry, in Art That Made Us. Image: BBC

Comic creator Woodrow Phoenix is one of several talented creatives in the first episode of a new British arts series, Art That Made Us, broadcast this week and available on BBC iPlayer.

Co-produced by the BBC and the Open University, Art that Made Us is an eight-part series for BBC Two. Through 1500 years and eight dramatic turning points, the series presents an alternative history of the British Isles, told through art.

Art That Made Us. Photo: BBC
Art That Made Us. Photo: BBC

Leading British creatives, including Simon Armitage, Anthony Gormley, Lubaina Himid, Maxine Peake and Michael Sheen join cultural historians to explore key cultural works that define each age.

Graphic novelist Woodrow Phoenix of Rumble Strip and Crash Course fame, appears in the first episode, “Lights in the Darkness”, exploring an era once known as the ‘dark’ ages, finding mysterious art that haunts our landscapes and imagination.

Woodrow Phoenix in Art That Made Us. Image: BBC
Woodrow Phoenix. Image: BBC

(This is not, by any means, Woodrow’s first appearance on TV. Back in the 1970s, he appeared in an episode of the TV show Something Else, made in Manchester, with young guest presenters each week. A 17-year-old Woodrow introduced The Clash. The clip features in an episode of Sound of the Seventies).

The Open University has a dedicated section of its website devoted to the series here, which already features some exclusive content, including the stories of nine inspiring women, including diarist Elsie Hueffer trailblazing portrait artist Mary Beale and more; and a short film of unseen interviews.

Art That Made Us is available in the UK on iPlayer here

Woodrow’s piece begins 49 minutes in

With thanks to Paul Gravett, and Jonathan Edwards and Steve Noble for spotting Woodrow in Sound of the Seventies

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