Comic Scene to reprint “Super Spies” magazines

Bond is Back – and if you’re excited by the upcoming new James Bond film, No Time To Die, then you might be interested to know that Comic Scene, in partnership with GetMyComics, will be reprinting Issue 1 of Super Spies in Crikey! Collected Volume 3 and the never-before-printed Issue 2.

Crikey! Collected Volume OneBefore ComicScene UK magazine, Crikey! ran for 16 issues and covered all aspects of UK comic industry. It is remembered with much affection from comic fans and featured exceptional articles about UK comics during its run.

ComicScene is collecting this series of 16 magazines about UK comics in four quality perfect bound books throughout 2019.

Super Spies issue 1Super Spies and Secret Agents was the second title published by Sequential Media Publications after the launch of Crikey!, dedicated to spy fiction, in comics, movies, TV and elsewhere. Only one print edition was published, in 2007; but a second issue was released digitally, several years after the first.

The brainchild of Glenn B. Fleming, the magazine included contributions from Tony Ingram, amongst others, on a variety of subjects from The Prisoner to Marvel’s best-known super spy, Nick Fury.

• You can pre-order them all now in print as well as pick up Volume 1 and 2 (while stock last) at

• No space at home for this definitive collection of over 1000 pages of British Comic history? Then there is a digital collection available, too. It’s perfect for comic fans, libraries, students and comic studies academics and researchers.

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