Comic Treasures: Marvel’s X-Men #28 (and an Irish connection you won’t expect)

X-Men #28 (1966)

Here’s a short video gem for superhero fans. In two minutes, downthetubes roving reporter James Bacon tells the story of not one, but two copies of X-Men #28, released back in 1966, featuring the debut of Banshee, one with local significance for Irish Marvel fans because of the comic collector who once owned it, who played a major role in developing comics fandom on this side of the Atlantic.

“I share here two issues of X-Men 28, videoed in the basement of Sub-City in Dublin. The very nice high grade copy on the left belongs to the shop; the one on the right is of Irish fan historical significance. Both are very beautiful…”

Watch the video here to find out more, or watch below…

In X-Men #28, release 3rd November 1966 by Marvel Comics, cover dated January 1967, a new mutant arrives in New York City, calling himself the Banshee – and he has the powers to go with the name. Flying to an expensive art gallery, the sonic powered mutant uses his powerful scream to knock out the populous and to smash through the glass to get at an expensive painting of a beautiful landscape before fleeing the scene…

Sub City is Ireland’s longest running Irish-owned comic store, first opening its doors way back in in 1994. They’re centrally located at 53 Mary Street, in the centre of Dublin City, adjacent to Jervis shopping Centre.

• Sub-City Comics is at 53 Mary Street Dublin 1 | Web:

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