Comics are my Rock and Roll – trailer for new film released

Comics Are My Rock And Roll: Trailer
from Daniel Baldwin on Vimeo.

Film maker Daniel Baldwin has made a new film about something that is popular the world over, self-publishing and a trailer is live now on Vimeo.

The film was filemd around the 2011 Alternative Press festival and includes interviews with organisers Jimi Gherkin and Peter Lally as they bring the event to life – often against the odds!

“I met Jimi and Peter by chance in August 2010, at a book launch in London,” says Daniel. “They were talking about an international festival that they wanted to put on the following summer. I thought it would make a great story for a documentary so I persuaded them to let me follow them for six months while they got ready for it.”

For updates on the film,  follow Daniel on Twitter via @1danielbaldwin and share the film with anyone who could like it.

Alternative Press is a group of London based artists dedicated to encouraging people to create their own art and to freely express themselves via self-publishing.

Since forming in 2008, and with the aim of building an inclusive platform to showcase works from amateur and professional artists, they have organised several self-publishing fairs, open mic evenings, poetry nights, a public live drawing/music/acting improvisation, and a public/artist make-a-zine-in- a-day collaboration.

They have also published four books, produced a regular radio show, and run workshops. They also operate as a Distro, helped others organise their own events, and united the UK small press scene with its European counterparts through the International Alternative Press Festivals.

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• Twitter: @alt_press


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