Dredd’s ‘Day of Chaos: Endgame’ on sale next week

Day of Chaos: Endgame

Hundreds of millions will die and mile-high tower blocks will crumble – but will Mega-City One fall?

Day of Chaos: Endgame – on sale from 18th July – is the city-shattering, full-throttle conclusion to what is rightly acclaimed as one of the best Judge Dredd stories of the past 36 years from John Wagner with art from Leigh Gallagher, Henry Flint, Ben Willsher, Colin MacNeil and Edmund Bagwell.

Named by ComicBookResources.com as one of the best comics of 2012, Day of Chaos wowed critics and 2000AD readers alike with a year-long epic that shook the world of one of comics’ most famous characters to the core. It’s a staggering magnum opus from Dredd’s co-creator, running to over 200 pages of brilliant storytelling and terrific art from the team involved. And, of course, there are the Dark Judges… what more do you need to be persuaded?

This sequel to Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction (released in January) also features the much-anticipated return of some of Dredd’s greatest enemies – the Dark Judges!

With uncompromising storytelling and blood-soaked art from some of Britain’s best talent (this isn’t a story for younger Dredd fans!), Day of Chaos: Endgame is an incredible game-changer for the Dredd universe.

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