Comics for Windows Wanted

Mantle Arts, a small UK based arts organisation, is running an interesting project to brighten up a town centre – and is looking for comics artists to get involved.

The project is employing artists to create artwork for empty shop windows in Coalville, Leicestershire and is looking for submissions from sequential artists and illustrators.

To apply, send them your CV, some examples of work (a web link will do) and a paragraph on what you might like to create for a shop window. Email submissions to

The closing date on the brief is 11th January but it might be worth contacting Mantle to se if they can extend that a little as on some online postings they’ve pushed that back to 15th January.

Based in North West Leicestershire and working across the Midlands, Mantle Arts is a particpatory arts organisation creating arts projects, festivals, events and manage public art commissions.

• The full brief can be downloaded from here:

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2 replies

  1. Interesting idea but such a short deadline (a week!) is unrealistic if they want to attract professional creators to fit it into their schedules. Why the rush I wonder?

  2. I’m often amazed by deadlines on these things, but often commercial companies aren’t much better…

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