Comics Forum launches "scholar directory"

Today sees the launch of a new resource on the Comics Forum website. The scholar directory provides information on the biographies, research interests, conference papers and publications of scholars researching comics from around the world.

The site runners tells us the hope is this will be useful in helping scholars to make connections, see where people are studying and what they’re interested in, and increase the accessibility of comics scholarship for everyone.

Until today, the directory has been running in a limited pilot phase, with invited parties submitting their data for inclusion so Comic Forum could work out how to build the pages and structure the system. Many thanks to all those who agreed to take part in this trial run.

Now, all comics scholars are being invited to fill in our data form and submit it to for inclusion in the listings.

“It would be great to build a better picture of who is where,” says Ian Hague, director of the Comics Forum. “Any queries about getting listed can also be directed to the above email address.”

Any comments on the directory are very welcome. If you know of anyone who would be interested in being listed in the directory, please pass on this news story to them.

• To be taken to the directory and download the data form, go to:

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