ComicScene announces plans for “Corker!” all ages comic supplement

ComicScene is to launch launch Corker! in November –  an ‘all ages’ comic – as a pull out supplement in the magazine and the team behind the magazine  looking to the ‘Legion of Comic Fans’ to support and spread the word.

The new strip section will see the title jump from 64 to 80 pages every issue.

Comic Scene Issue 8 - CoverFeaturing a range of comic strips, ComicScene want comic fans to help encourage reading, particularly in young people, by ripping the comic supplement out of the middle of the magazine and, after reading it for your own pleasure, give it to your niece, nephew, kids, grand kids, great grand kids or leave in a community centre, library, soft play centre, coffee shop, hairdresser, dentist or doctor’s surgery.

“Help create the excitement of the launch of Eagle and Dan Dare almost 70 years ago,” publisher Tony Foster appeals. “We want you, the Legion of Comic Fans, to band together and help create the next generation of comic readers and comic creators”.

To do that, you can subscribe to ComicScene or simply spread the word about their plans on social media – it all helps the cause.

As well as this new, expanded comic section ComicScene magazine will continue to highlight the best in retro comics, new comics, indie comics and comic book movies and culture – but talking to Tony this weekend it’s clear both he and ComicScene’s news stand distributors see adding more strips as a way to build on its growing success as an independent title.

As well as spreading the word we’d love you to help ‘kickstart’ the project too!

On sale now and available in selected WHSmith, McColls, Easons (Ireland), comic shops and some independent newsagents, ComicScene Issue 8 features: Batman the Movies at 30, Batman Animated and the Joker, and an exclusive preview of Steve MacManus’ new novel, The Sheerglam Conspiracy… Plus Marvel 1000, Ken Reid’s Soccer Strips, a look at the 1970s weekly TV Action, Indies, Euro Comics, the Lady Flintlock Epilogue from TimeBomb Comics, the final part of Milford Green, Whackoman!, Scene It Before and more.

•  You can order ComicScene at any newsagent or comic shop – just ask! For subscription information, back issues and more, check out




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