Coming Soon: Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay’s “Heartless” – and “James Bond 007”


Heartless by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay

Announced at this year’s Image Comics Expo was Heartless, a new limited series by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay, one of several new projects the wiriter has in the works including James Bond 007 for Dynamite and the leaked but still mysterious Project Samye.

In the new series, a female musician returns to northern England, where her family owned a little cottage in the middle of a forest. She wrote her first album there, and she’s “going back to the countryside,” as musicians used to, to write her next one. The forest doesn’t want her there.

Apparitions of myth and folklore rise from the forest floor to drive her out. But she is strong, and determined. And she knows what she did to make the forest want her gone, and she knows what she lost out there. And what she stole…

“I wrote this for Tula,” Ellis told CBR News. “It’s full of all the stuff we love: the spooky stories, the landscape, the folklore, and the things that haunt us.”

“I loved working with Warren on Supreme: Blue Rose,” Lotay told the same news site in an exclusive interview.It was my first major piece of work and the creative process was amazing — when it ended I was kind of sad, that’s how much I enjoyed it. So when Warren mentioned doing a new project together I was totally up for it. I love Warren’s writing so much and I knew going into a creator-owned project with him would be a dream.

“I live in Northern England, in West Yorkshire, just next to the moors that inspired greats like the Bronte sisters,” she says of the story’s origins. “It’s a wonderful place, really isolated and beautiful. On a morning when the sun rises a mist fills the land scape and makes it look very other worldly. I go running up there most days and I take photos and post them on my Instagram, Warren sees a lot of these, he knows how much I love the landscape up there. I guess that’s really influenced the story he’d written for me. The Yorkshire moors are a really breathtaking place.”

Talking of Warren, who, it’s just been announced, is also writing Dynamite Entertainment‘s long-awaited James Bond 007 book drawn by Jason (Wolverines) Masters, a project first announced by the company last year and now due to launch in November, we’re sorry to hear his recent stroke-like event that took him out a few weeks ago came with right-side paralysis. He is still in a lot of pain, but treatment has made it at least a little less than it was. We wish him a speedy recovery.

• Warren Ellis official site is at or follow him on Twitter @warrenellis

• Tula Lotay’s official site is at or follow her on Twitter @tulalotay

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