Commando Creators credited at last

As expected, DC Thomson’s Commando range now feature credits for their creators, part of a sweeping range of ongoing changes to the books which continue to sell well in UK newsagents and via subscription.

DC Thomson long held back from any credits in their books for the obvious reason that they wanted to protect their carefully-honed creators from being pinched by rival companies: but with most comic creators now online in some way or another and very few British comic publishers left, and certainly none publishing war stories, it hardly makes sense to maintain anonymity. Indeed, knowing who is working on these books may create more interest in them, which can only be good for sales. DC Thomson didn’t get where it si today by not learning to adapt – even if it adapts rather slowly.

The company has also, of course, long since abandoned keeping the creators who work on its humour titles like the Beano anonymous.

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