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Commando No 4891 – Cossack Vengeance

Here’s the lowdown on this week’s Commando releases (Issues 4891 – 4894) from DC Thomson, on sale from Thursday.

Not only are we treated to a new ‘Convict Commandos’ this time around but one of the re-issued tales features early Commando work from Carlos Pino, an artist who has been delighting British comic fans for decades – wrapped in a cover by the late, great Phil Gascoine, who was a Marvel UK stalwart, another talent taken too soon by cancer, back in 2007.

These four issues are on sale in all good newsagents and available via numerous digital platforms on Thursday 25th February 2016.

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Commando No 4891 – Cossack Vengeance
Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

Once more the Convict Commandos’ latest mission had placed them in grave danger.

The Germans, in league with a Russian traitor and a horde of fearsome, renegade Cossack warriors, had concocted an assassination plot that would turn the tide of the war.

Now all Jelly Jakes and the rest of the Commando team had to do was foil the enemy plan… but that was easier said than done.

Commando No 4892 – Break Through!

Commando No 4892 – Break Through!
Originally Commando No 196 (January 1966), re-issued as No 835 (May 1974)
Story: Skentleberry
Art: Buylla
Cover: Lopez Espi

Time and after time, one British company outsmarted the Germans in Crete. If the Nazis planned a sneak-raid and began it five miles away, the British knew at once — and were ready for them. If a Stuka dive-bombing attack was decided on, they got into hiding an hour before it began. They knew exactly when to counter-attack too.

How was it done? If anyone had told the Germans, they just wouldn’t have believed it. The secret lay in a strange invisible link between Private Bill Roberts and his twin brother, Jack…

“This entertaining, borderline incredulous, yarn from 1966 definitely pushes the boundaries of what we and our readers might think as believable,” notes Commando‘s Deputy Editor Scott Montgomery. “Nonetheless, at its heart is a clever idea about the mysterious link between two soldier brothers and their determination to succeed on the dangerous mission assigned to them. This is an offbeat Commando, for sure, but I think it’s a good read.

“And the front cover… a homage to Sir Michael Caine? His breakout roles in classic films such as Zulu and The Ipcress File were certainly very popular back then, right in the midst of the Swinging Sixties.”

Commando No 4893 – Do Your Duty

Commando No 4893 – Do Your Duty
Story: Steve Taylor
Art: Vila/Muller
Cover: Ian Kennedy

By October 1945 World War Two was over, but some British forces were redeployed to the island of Java to support Allied troops in a battle with Nationalist guerrillas. The beleaguered men had expected to have been back home by now and some refused to fight.

RAF mechanic Danny Cullen was stuck in the middle — he wanted to do his duty but was continually intimidated by those who had downed tools.

Meanwhile, as skirmishes with the guerrillas continued, Flight Lieutenant James Haldane made sure that he carried some grenades in his Auster spotter aircraft. You never knew when you might need them…

Commando No 4894 – Red Alert

Commando No 4894 – Red Alert
Originally Commando No 2482 (June 1991)
Story: Ian Clark
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Phil Gascoine

Facing the brunt of the massive German invasion of Russia in June 1941 were the lowly Red Army conscripts. Poorly fed, trained and equipped, they were still expected to repel Hitler’s previously undefeated armies…and could expect the harshest of punishments if they failed.

So, join two of these hard-pressed heroes in their trench and see for yourself what it was like…

“I hope that, like me, you’re interested in revisiting the early work of one of our current artists,” says Scott of this re-presented story. “This Eastern Front tale (with a neat, end of the Cold War framing sequence) is drawn by Carlos Pino — whose most recent brand new book was ‘Polish Pride’ (No 4889), published just a fortnight ago in the middle of February.

“Carlos’ signature dynamic style is very clear to see here and it is apparent that he is still doing fantastic work to this day. We are delighted, and grateful, that this exceptional illustrator is still happy to draw for us more than a quarter of a century after his 1989 Commando debut.”



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