Cover reveal for “Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts” novel by Paul Magrs, art by Angelo Rinaldi

The Third Doctor and companion Jo Grant get caught up in Greek Myths in a brand-new Doctor Who and Puffin Classics crossover novel from BBC Children’s Books, Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts, out in August, written by Paul Magrs.

Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts, out in August, written by Paul Magrs, with a cover by xxx. (BBC Books, August 2023)

It features another great cover by Angelo Rinaldi, who has provided the covers for several Doctor Who releases, as well as working on covers for authors ranging from Clive Cussler and Alexander Dumas to fantasy author Liz Flanagan.

Here’s a teaser for the book…

It was a kind of portal – a portal into the myths of the ancient world . . .

Everyone knows the Doctor loves museums (it’s his way of keeping score).

But when Jo Grant and the Doctor visit the British Museum in London, they might have got more than they bargained for.

A mysterious object is revealed, which grants those who touch it strange visions of Greek Myths. Gods, warriors and monsters are contained within this device, which its discover calls the mythoscope.

But there is something sinister at play. A powerful influence seems to be controlling the mythoscope… mastering it.

Jo and the Doctor must enter the mythoscope to face an old and terrible enemy – bargaining with Zeus, battling dragons and journeying into the underworld.

As dangers beset them on all sides, only an object of wondrous power can save them from total destruction…

Paul Magrs was born in 1969 in the North East of England. He has written numerous novels and short stories for adults, teens, children and Doctor Who fans. He teaches Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Angelo Rinaldi is a digital artist who moved from working in oils on canvas for almost 20 years to painting using Photoshop, specialising in adventure, animals, book fantasy, historical and more. As well as Doctor Who, he’s created some stunning fantasy cover art for books such as both Dragon Daughter and Rise of the Shadow Dragons by Liz Flanagan.

His Doctor Who covers include Legends of Camelot and The Wonderful Doctor of Oz (released in 2021, both by Jacqueline Rayner); The Return of Robin Hood (released last year, also by Paul Magrs) and Doctor Who: Origin Stories; and Rebellion on Treasure Island (out 28th September 2023, by Bali Rai).

Doctor Who: Josephine and the Argonauts by Paul Magrs will go on sale in bookships from 24th August 2023 and is available to pre-order now | ISBN: 9781405956925 | Pre-order it from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | Pre-order it via (Affiliate Link)

Doctor Who: Rebellion on Treasure Island by Bali Rali will go on sale in bookships from 28th September 2023 and is available to pre-order now | ISBN: 9781405952330 | Pre-order it from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Paul Magrs is online at | Facebook | Twitter

With thanks to Paul Magrs

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