COVIDー19/Comics-20 charity project seeks British artists

COVIDー19/Comics-20 logo, designed by YingZi Xu
COVIDー19/Comics-20 logo, designed by YingZi Xu

#COVIDー19/Comics-20 is a free, educational comics series that releases pages about COVID-19 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and creator Dominic Archer is currently looking for more artists to take part.

COVIDー19/Comics-20 Episode 1

The project, published on Webtoons, features an array of international artists, and aims to inform, entertain and help readers empathise with others who have seen their lives change dramatically in these last few months.

COVIDー19/Comics-20 Episode 6

20 strips have already been published, with another 20 planned.

All the information featured in the strips is researched and sourced, all interview subjects are genuine and when the project is complete, the aim is to curate these pages into an anthology and donate all profits to charity.

Dominic is currently looking for three or four artists for pages about COVID-19 in the UK. Pages will cover the origins of coronavirus in the country, the initial government response to it (up to Boris Johnson’s diagnosis), the government response after diagnosis and more.

If you’re interested in taking part, contact Dominic via Twitter @ComicsArcher.

Dominic is a comic book writer and graduate of MLitt Comics and Graphic Novels from the University of Dundee. His work includes Love In The Time of Wertham, an analysis of the infamous Fredric Wertham ‘anti-comics’ Senate hearings, as told from the perspective of two books that fall in love; and The Architect, the tragic story of a man who designs supervillain lairs, and longs to be remembered, only to see his work inevitably destroyed by the forces of good.

• If you’re interested in taking part in the #COVIDー19/Comics-20 project, contact Dominic Archer via Twitter @ComicsArcher

Check out the #COVIDー19/Comics-20 project so far here on Webtoons

• The #COVIDー19/Comics-20 logo is designed by artist YingZi Xu, from Zunyi, Guizhou. YingZi was the first female tattoo artist in the city and her work can be found here on Instagram

Dominic’s work is available at

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