Crowdfunding Spotlight: “Bods” by Greenspike hits target in just six hours

After the crowdfunding success of the illustrated guide to the hidden world of the trolls of Oxford, The Oxford Trollomicus, it’s great to see the first novel set in the same world, Bods, has smashed its target goal within six hours of launch.

The Bods by Spike Greening

A 75,000 word novel by Spike Greening, for ages 10 and above, this 350 page paperback, with full colour cover and many internal black and white illustrations, should now be with backers in time for Christmas – and there’s still time to support the campaign and enjoy a story set within the world of The Oxford Arcanum…

The Bods by Spike Greening

At the Heart of the Arcanum lies the great Bodleian Library. Deep within this palace of knowledge,  the tiny beings known as the Bods look after and guard the books, as they have done for generations.

One day Red, a young Bod known as a troublemaker and tale teller realises that something is terribly wrong. Something is trying to destroy the Library… 

Red and his friends must fight to convince the rest of the Bods that catastrophe is near, whilst their friendship and trust in each other is tested to the limits. These young Guardians of the Books must travel far from their beloved Library – deep into UnderOxford, where the True Spiders and Ashmoles dwell, high above the Dreaming Spires where the Gargoyles rule.

The Bods by Spike Greening

With the help of old Erasmus (who may not be as foolish as he seems) and with the bravery of his friends, Red must pull the Bods and their allies together to fight the greatest battle the city has ever witnessed. A battle that not all will survive, and those that do, will be changed forever…

The Oxford Trollomicus The Oxford Trollomicus, created by illustrator and designer Spike Greenwood, is a gorgeous, fun Illustrated Guide Book to the Bridge Trolls of Oxford, based on the increasingly dubious research of Professor Bulstrode Whitless. It’s already sold out in its hardback format, although the eBook is still available, and, clearly, Bods is another hit.

The Bods by Spike Greening

Anyone who recalls the wonderful guides to Gnomes by Wil Huygen, published back in the 1970s (and re-released in a special collector edition back in 2011), should definitely check this project out on Kickstarter now…

Find out more about Bods by Greenspike here on Kickstarter

The Oxford Trollomicus is so much fun, it’s sold out in hardback! But if you enter our Troll art competition before 12 noon 10th October 2019 you could still win a copy!

Check out the world of the Oxford trolls on the Greenspike web site

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