Crowdfunding Spotlight: El Marvo #2

It’s been a while coming, but worth the wait. The second issue of the much-praised post-apocalyptic story El Marvo is now in the works from independent British comics publisher Hawk & Cleaver – and seeking backing on Kickstarter now.

Written by Ben Errington and Luke Kondor with art by Dan Butcher, Will Robson, and Vincent Cyril, the story of the Protector of the People, liberator of Muck and “Lucha from the Futcha” (no, I didn’t know what it meant, either!) got a lot of attention when the first issue was released. Quite how I missed it, given the calibre of the team involved I’ve no idea, but I’m catching up with this humour-tinged, wrestling meets future Earth tale, crammed with colourful characters now!

For those who came in late, just like me, El Marvo #1 – still available as both a physical and digital edition – was the first comic book from the Hawk & Cleaver. Set in the distant future, nuclear war and disease has ravaged the planet once called Earth. All that’s left alive of the damaged and often horribly mutated human race live on a singular continent called Muck, where they worship Sokrates – a dictator whose rule has enslaved many. He’s also using up all that is left of the lands resources on hideous weapons – physically altered beasts and super-soldiers.

The cover of El Marvo #1

In Issue 1, mercenaries Go Get ‘Em Girl and Knuckle Duster found their personal missions interrupted when they found El Marvo freshly awoken from a centuries long cryo-sleep.

As the Luchador struggled to remember the time and place he had long left behind, he was thrust into action as he liberated the town of Splatter from the villainous Snakeskin, calling upon his past life as a Luchador wrestler to kick his scaly butt.

Oh, and he had some help from Angelique Moonshine and a steampunk artificial leg. But elsewhere, Sokrates’ right hand man, 8-Ball, found something that his boss desperately wanted.

So which way will the struggle for supremacy in this post-apocalyptic world swing by the end of Issue 2?

The Hawk & Cleaver team are playing some of their cards close to their chest – but have revealed this second issue will continue the story of the titular hero and his various sidekicks, as well as delve deeper into the Lucha’s mysterious past and his time-spanning feud with Vincenzo Vicious.

Plus, we’re finally going to see the big bad of the world of Muck, maniacal oppressor Sokrates.

“As our heroes travel across Muck and continue to free towns and villages from Sokrates’ fiends, the true scale of the task ahead of the newly formed La Resistencia is made clear,” Luke Kondor reveals.

“Realising that they may need help to amass the numbers who can take the fight directly to Sokrates in New Athens, the group embark on a journey to find a man named Mr Monstermaker in a faraway place called The Glowstones, convinced that his special skills will assist the liberation of Muck. Meanwhile, Sokrates’ master plan begins to take shape.”

If all that sounds crazier than a box of frogs, we’re reliably assured it is… so if that’s the kind of mayhem you expect in a post apocalyptic comic combining wrestling with end of the world lunacy, the first issue described by Pipedream Comics as “visually stunning” and a “well executed debut”, then El Marvo is surely made for you. Head over to Kickstarter now to find out more!

Hawk & Cleaver is a digital story studio who make award-winning short films, iTunes chart-splitting podcasts, and write books… like, lots of books.

Ben Errington is the guy who thought up old Marvo way back in 2000 – 2001. He’s also the writer behind the psychopath revenge novel, Ten Tales Of The Human Condition, a furious short story writer, and apparently he’s a monster in the sack (his words).

Luke Kondor’s the guy who said “El Marvo, eh? I like it… what if we put him in a Mad Max-style apocalyptic world?” He’s also the guy who made a film in seven days with no money, wrote a novel about an alien hipster in East London and other books, and can be sometimes spotted practicing his moonsaults in a 24 Hour Tesco car park in Nottingham.

Dan Butcher is, however, the craziest of them all. He’s the guy who tipped me off about this bonkers project’s latest outing, who said “sure, I’ll draw your Luchador in the future story. I’m sure it can’t be that – ah God is that a talking wart?!” He’s also, as if you needed reminding, the creator of the incredible superhero web comic, Vanguard.

Also on the team are Will Robson, who worked on the cover of the new issue is a comics writer and artist who immediately after completing his work, got a job at Marvel; and talented colourist Vince Colo.

There’s much more about El Marvo – how the project began, its characters and theme song – yes, it’s got a theme song! – on the Kickstarter page. Dan has already finished working on the comic so backing permitting, it shouldn’t be long into 2021 before supporters get copies of marvellous Mario’s continuing adventure!

Check out the El Marvo #2 Kickstarter here

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