Crowdfunding Spotlight: Help get Doctor Who artist Colin Howard mobile again

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, and more importantly, Doctor Who art work, then the name Colin Howard should be one you’ll recognise – and I hope you’ll consider giving him a crowdfunding campaign support to get him mobile again, as his MS, which he was diagnosed with ten years ago, has taken a turn for the worse.

John Freeman (right) with artist Colin Howard at Capitol IV  in 2019. Photo: Michelle Howard
John Freeman with artist Colin Howard (left) at Capitol IV in 2019. Photo: Michelle Howard

A photo-realistic artist and iIllustrator, with 30 plus years experience, Colin is perhaps best known for his work on Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, among other SF TV shows. He was one of several artists who I commissioned to paint covers for Doctor Who Magazine back during my time as editor, and he is, simply, put, one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If you’re a regular at Doctor Who events, I’m sure you’ve seen his table and know his work well.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 167. Cover by Colin Howard
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 167. Cover by Colin Howard

Unfortunately, Colin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ten years ago, an illness that has slowly begun to tell on this ridiculously talented artist, nature lover and extrovert. The illness has progressively taken away his mobility, his confidence and, unfortunately he has become more and more isolated. Unable to get outside with ease, this horrible diseases is making everything he does exhausting and, to put it bluntly, unenjoyable.

Now his partner Michelle has launched a GoFundMe campaign to but Colin a Trekinetic Power Wheel Chair, in an effort to get Colin outside with ease and to give him back his life, and I’m hoping you’ll give the fundraiser your support, and give this partnership their lives back, and be a team again. So far, the campaign has over £5000 in just two days, but £10,000 is needed.

  • Colin Howard recently featured in Doctor Who Magazine. Photo" Michelle Howard
  • Doctor Who and the Sea Devils by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - The Three Doctors  by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - Shada  by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - Kinda - BBC Video Sleeve by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - Frontios and The Awakening by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - Time Flight  by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor  by Colin Howard
  • Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor  by Colin Howard

“We did buy a manual wheel chair,” says Michelle, “however, it’s heavy and Colin’s
now unable to use his arms to self propel. Plus, t’s so cumbersome, there is no pleasure or enthusiasm for him to use it. It’s become easier for him to stay home – which is not good.

“After doing tons of research I stumbled across this amazing wheel chair,” Michelle continues. “For those of you who know Colin, you’ll know what a huge fan of Formula One he is. So you’ll know why I’ve chosen this model of wheel chair…. it has F1 technology, it’s carbon fibre and super light.

“Colin needs something to excite him and to make him want to get back out, exploring and finding inspiration and living… and this is it, this is the one that will do that.”

But of course, such wheel chairs aren’t cheap, so that’s why the GoFundMe campaign has been set up, and as someone who’s worked with Colin in the past, I hope you’ll consider giving it your support and help make Colin – and Michelle’s life better.

Needless to say, Colin’s typically astonished at the support received so far.

“I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has donated, ” he says. “I can’t believe after a little over two Days we’re halfway to the total, You are all incredible.

“It’s often difficult to explain how Multiple Sclerosis affects people, as it’s different for every sufferer and their families,’ he adds. “For me it’s taken away my ability to even stand up for more than five mins, let alone walk anywhere without a stick and plenty of stops. And it’s now affecting my hands, which are permanently slightly numb and even manipulating a pencil/brush is a challenge now, but I’m not giving up!”

While our paths rarely cross in the physical realm these days, Colin is always a cheering voice on social media and a tremendous talent, who’s brought joy to thousands with his work across three decades. Now, let’s band together and give him, and Michelle, some joy back. Thanks for reading.

John Freeman

Please check out the GoFundMe campaign here, and even if you can’t afford to donate, give it a shout out on your social media

Colin Howard is online at | Buy prints of Colin’s work here | Facebook

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